Solace Retractable Roll Screens

Create your dream outdoor oasis with Solace Retractable Roll Screens.

Manufactured at our Summerland facility,  these premium retractable roll screens offer sunshade, privacy, insect protection, and wind reduction. Designed to suit your exact needs, Solace Retractable Roll Screens are the perfect complement to decks, patios, gazebos, and windows.

Window Screens


Our retractable window screens maximize your visibility while providing shade and comfort for your family. Ideal for bedrooms, living room and patio windows, we offer a variety of styles, colours and openness to create your perfect shade solution.

Patio Screens & Enclosures

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Our retractable patio screens and enclosures bring the outdoors in and allow you to create comfortable and functional 4-season outdoor living space. Let our team help create your ideal space so you can make the most of the Okanagan lifestyle all year.

The Benefits of Solace Retractable Roll Screens


Shade & Privacy

Choose from a variety of screen colours and densities that shade you from the heat and glare of the sun and provide excellent daytime privacy.


Insect Protection

Keep bugs out so that you can simply relax and enjoy your outdoor living space.


Wind Reduction

Don’t let you or your patio décor get blown away. Protect yourself from the wind and enjoy your patio and deck in comfort.


Your View

Enjoy shade and comfort without compromising your beautiful Okanagan views.


Convenient Operation

Our screens can be operated manually with a crank rod or a sleek remote control transmitter.

Manage Your View

Solace Roll Screens are available in a variety of colours and weave densities. They are made using fade-resistant, high-quality vinyl-coated fibreglass fabrics designed to absorb and reflect the heat and glare of the sun.

We offer a wide variety of colours and four different weave densities (1%,5%, 10%, and 45%) so that you can choose the one that provides the perfect amount of shade and visibility.

Custom Colours

Solace Roll Screens are custom powder coated to harmonize with your property. Choose the colour that suits your style and we will match it with our high-quality scratch-resistant finishes that are meet your exact requirements.


Trademarked Bottom Bar Options

We offer adjustable, regular and extreme bottom bar options, depending on your needs. This innovative, patent-pending system allows us to adjust for the slope of your deck to ensure a gap-free seal to protect against the elements.

Our patented Adjustable Bottom Bar is the solution for your sloped patio. It helps the screen sit flat, closes off gaps, and ensures complete coverage for your home. The Adjustable Bottom Bar automatically adjusts to the slope and returns to level when retracted.

Roll Screen Bottom Bar

Innovative Design

Solace Roll Screens are designed to look great and perform well in all climates. Our unique retension system is designed to secure the screen on all four sides to eliminate light gaps, prevent insects from entering, and guide it smoothly in the guide rails.


Operations & Controls

Solace Screens come standard with manual gear operators however, you may wish to motorize your screen, integrate your screen into your home automation system, or include a timer and/or a sun or wind sensor.


Remote Operation

Our screens are powered by high quality, reliable motors. A radio frequency remote control provides simple and effortless operation of your screen. Can be mounted on the wall as well.


Sun & Wind Sensor

Raise or lower your screen automatically when you need shade most. Our sun and wind sensor requires no wiring or batteries and will automatically retract your awning when the wind is too strong.


Safety Drive

All motorized units comes with the LiTouch Safety Drive. The LiTouch Safety Drive operates with all Solace Signature Series Motors allowing screens to travel down without concern for obstacles or resistance. This specialized system will wait if resistance is encountered and continue down when free.


Square Handheld Radio Remote

Operate your screens through walls and floors inside or out. A magnetic wall-mounted base provides you with a convenient place to store your remote.

All remotes are available with 15-channel or single-channel control. 15-channel control allows you to operate 15 different screens, or 15 groups of screens. This option still includes a master channel to operate everything programmed simultaneously. Single-channel control allows you to operate only one screen or only one group of screens.


Manual Operation

You have the option of manual or motorized operation for your screens depending on the size required. All manual operation units use either a 1:5 gear or 1:8 gear, this enables Solace to manufacture larger manual-sized screens than others. 

Solace Roll Screens can be easily operated from either inside or outside with a specifically designed manual crank handle that enables operation from almost any angle.

Ready to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space? 

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