Beam Me Up!

Advantages Of the Marcesa Beam

Artistic Awning and Screens has been a provider of the “Marcesa Style Awning” since coming into business in 1987.   Over the years, the design, functionality, strength and durability just keep getting better.

No other awning quite compares.

A New Look

Adding more than just a “new look” to the awning The Royal Marcesa, Imperial Marcesa and Marcesa Plus are the only retractable patio awnings available with a center beam stabilizer that runs lengthwise giving the awning a “peak point” when extended.

This carefully researched design feature makes the Marcesa model more spacious, stronger and more stable in the wind. In addition, the fabric is kept tighter as it runs over the center beam. In keeping the fabric taught, this prevents the sagging that is found in most traditional awning designs.

The “peak point” also offers a more effective shield from direct low sunlight. The increased slope on the front end of the awning ensures more headroom, allowing for more comfort and mobility.


Even the awnings are doing it.